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Ribbet Inc.

Ribbet Inc. is a creative communications company with four lines of business:

  • Media production & Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design & Branding
  • Web Design & Development
  • Communication consulting

The company wanted to seek new clients and a new website was necessary.

Working closely with input from the Owner and various team members, we redesigned the website to a new modern standard.

A primary goal of the redesign was to blend the multiple lines of business together in a cohesive way if possible. After multiple meetings, we distilled elements from each line of business with the exception of Communication Consulting.

In the end, video and stills were used to provide visual interest and meta-messaging in the hero sections and content sections, iconography and typography helped to emphasize and structure important content, and finally, CSS-based effects and styles helped to provide interest to the end user with hover states and animations.